About me

I was born in October 1972 in Peine and have been a passionate lover of nature and gardens ever since. Since 2006, I have been living in a happy partnership with my wonderful wife, with whom I enjoy going for walks, hiking, and appreciating the beauty of nature.

My interests are diverse and range from photography and videography to history. In my free time, I enjoy watching good movies, listening to good music, and indulging in delicious food and a glass of good wine.

Another hobby of mine is my model railway, on which I work with great passion. I dream of exploring many beautiful regions in Germany, Austria, and Denmark. I particularly love the country of Denmark and the Harz Mountains, a low mountain range in northern Germany.

My family also includes two beloved cats named Ernie and Bert(i), who enrich my life. I am an open and friendly person who loves discovering new places and being inspired by the beauty of the world.