Collaboration - Partnership - Branded Content: A website, a content

Schorschi. The website is supported and enriched with numerous contributions in social networks. So far, so good. But something is missing. Yes, exactly, a cooperation and/or branded content. How exactly this can work, we should clarify together.

Feel free to contact me by email at: kooperieren (at) I am confident that we will work very well together. Alone, one often stands in the rain, a cooperation is a true blessing.

Long-term partnerships/brand ambassadors: Together we can build a long-term partnership, in which I authentically represent your values and visions as a brand ambassador. Through my reach and engagement in social media, we reach a broad audience and strengthen your brand sustainably.

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Sponsored Posts (marked as advertising): By strategically placing sponsored posts on social media, we achieve high reach and attention. We always ensure that your advertising is clearly marked as such to ensure transparency and trust with our followers.

Media partnership: Through a media partnership, we can present your brand in various media channels. Whether online or live – together we find the right platforms to spread your message effectively and reach your target audience.

Product tests: Through honest and authentic product tests, we can introduce your products to a wide audience and generate valuable feedback. With my expertise and network, I ensure that your products are brought into the spotlight and convince potential customers.

Additionally, I am confident that besides the listed options, there are many other exciting possibilities for a partnership. Let’s discuss your individual goals and wishes together and develop a tailored cooperation that strengthens your brand sustainably and excites your target audience. Feel free to contact me by email at kooperieren (at) I look forward to our collaboration!