Schorschi, I love life!

Life is a gift that I appreciate every day. Carpe diem – seize the day, enjoy the moment. As a life-affirming person, I strive to live up to this motto and make the most of each day. I enjoy spending my time in nature, where I find peace and inspiration.

My daily routine is determined by my work, but I always try to make it meaningful and experience moments of joy. Interacting with other people, whether in real life or online, enriches my life and has led to many beautiful encounters.

In social networks, I share my photos and videos, as well as events and encounters from my life. From my hobbies to my pets to my thoughts and dreams – everything has its place. My beloved country Denmark and the North German mountain range, the Harz, play a special role in this.

I warmly invite you to accompany me on my journey through life. Let’s enjoy the moment together and make the most of the day. Carpe diem!

I am Schorschi and I love life.

Every day has something beautiful in store, you just have to unwrap it!